Jan 29, 2002 NewsBits          

*As C-Murder, a.k.a. Corey Miller, sits in a jail awaiting his legal fate, brother Master P is stepping to his side like any brother would."You know what, right now with 'C,' I think he's a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time," 'P' said of his brother Sunday."Also, you gotta understand that when you're that big of an entertainer and you come from the ghetto, you can't do those type of things. You can't hang with the same type of crowd you been running with. It's OK to make it out and move on. We definitely praying for him. That's my brother, I love him to death."

*It's one of those rare things that happens once every three years or so. A comet or lunar eclipse perhaps? No, that's about how often Michael Jackson gives interviews to "urban" publications.During an upcoming interview featured in Vibe magazine, writer Regina Jones talks to him about Hip-Hop, life, and single parenting.Jackson's interview with Jones took place in December at the artist's 2,700-acre Neverland Valley Ranch in Los Olivos, California. The only subject Jackson wouldn't speak about was his plastic surgery."That's a stupid question,'' Jackson tells Vibe. "That's one reason I didn't do interviews for years.''(The man recreates his face in front of our eyes and WE are stupid for asking him about it?)

*Russell Simmons is on a roll this year. On April 9, Simmons will present the Life Beat Urban Aid 2 benefit show. The concert, scheduled for April 9 at New York's Beacon Theater, is set to feature some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B to help raise funds and awareness for HIV prevention initiatives among young people.Although the show's complete lineup has not been announced, Simmons let it be known that Jay-Z and R. Kelly will be the headliners for the event and that P. Diddy, who was also in attendance at the press conference, will perform as well.Urban Aid 2 will be broadcast live on BET.

*Warren G is mounting up and regulating once again. According to reports, he is slated to team with Snoop Dogg and Nelly to collaborate on "My Village Ghetto," a remix of "Ghetto Village," a song featured on his latest album, "The Return of the Regulator," which was released in December.The all-star collaborators will polish the album's second single, which features excerpts from the Stevie Wonder song "Village Ghetto Land."

**Sinbad has been named as the new morning host at LA's Hot 92.3 FM effective February 3. Current morning driver, Theo, heads to afternoons.

**BET's Teen Summit, this Saturday, 02-02-02, features Naughty By Nature discussing the "N" word.

**According to the NY Post, Mariah Carey is reportedly in talks with Def Jam Records for a two-album deal valued at $3 million to $5 million per album.

**Entertainment marketing queen, Yvette Moyo, will be feted at the upcoming Power 100 Pioneer Awards on Saturday, February 9, during this year's NBA All Star Weekend in Philadelphia.**Finally, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers,and Cameron Diaz will reprise their roles as the ogre, the donkey and the princess in "Shrek 2."

*Vivendi Universal's web subsidiary is expected to soon announce the acquisition of ring-tone provider YourMobile.com, tapping into the quickly growing market of jingles that play on cell phones.Sources say Vivendi's VU Net USA unit will announce the deal, estimated to be valued at just under $10 million, within the next week or two.Ring tones -- digitally delivered music files that play melodies for up to about 30 seconds when incoming calls are received on cell phones -- allow users to personalize their phones with their favorite songs.

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