Welcome to the PhatBlack virtual mall where you can purchase a  variety of select premium products, brands, and speciality items unavailable in traditional retail outlets. We will allow you to see and hear both prerecorded and live audio and video broadcasts of advertisements/multimedia demos of products right here on PhatBlack.com.  Further, you have the option of purchasing from our  premium collection of clothing and gear featuring our signature logo, for our members and friends who take pride in their association with PhatBlack.  On the other hand, our online mall offers individual store leasing options

After a small annual setup and maintenance fee we build out an area in our store specifically for your product(s). When someone has bought your products(s) we fax you all the appropriate information. You will be responsible for fulfillment and credit card processing(if you do not pay the additional e-commerce fee). We will bill you at the end of each month for a percentage of items sold. And it's a great way to advertise your business and promote your products. If you are interested in an online store email us at mall@phatblack.com.

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